108 Insights mp3 CD

QUOTES TO INSPIRE your daily life from Swami Parmanand Ji
are strung together with contemplative music forming a mala of insights.

Compiled & Read by Whitebird with No Name



Body to Soul Consiousness mp3

WHO AM I REALLY? Paramanand Ji Maharaj answers a
devotees question, "Who am I"? & shares the knowledge of how to recognize oneself.

Edited by Valerie Naiman
Read by Elizabeth VanDyke



Inner Peace mp3 CD

A GUIDE TO VENTURING WITHIN Those who contemplate
always upon God are those who merge with God and ultimately, Supreme Spirit.
The teachings and meditations of this book guide the soul in this spiritual journey.

Edited & Read by Valerie Naiman



Direct Experience of Truth mp3 CD

Swami Paramanand Ji's teachings covering a variety of subjects,
including immortality, direct knowing, being vs becoming, the role of intellect and true freedom.

Compiled by Gerald Leitner & Read by Elizabeth VanDyke